Parent Education

Capitol Hill Co-op Preschool is one of seven parent-run cooperative preschools affiliated with Seattle Central College. These co-op preschools are all staffed by parents, who act as assistant teachers, and by teachers who have been hired by the Co-op Board. Parents are responsible for all aspects of running the school, including fundraising and hiring teachers, etc.

When you join a Co-op you are enrolled at the preschool and also become a student at Seattle Central College. Your course is called the Parent Child Study Laboratory. You have all of the privileges of any other SCC student, including student rates and discounts and the use of the libraries. Preschool parent meetings, held once a month in the evening, provide your classroom instruction. Our Parent Educator is on the staff of the Parent Education Program at SCC and uses a curriculum designed for our course.

At the monthly parent meetings classroom business is discussed during the first hour, and the second hour is a special discussion led by our Parent Educator on topics that are relevant and helpful to families. Our Parent Educator is also scheduled to attend each preschool class for a number of hours during the month in order to observe classroom operation and to offer resources to teachers and parents.