Parent Requirements

  1. Paying class tuition on the first of each month; a $25.00 late fee will be added if tuition is not paid by the 7th or each month.

  2. Completing required paperwork (parent agreement, health & immunization forms,
    release forms, etc.).

  3. Working in the classroom as an assistant to the teacher on scheduled working days (4-5 days per month). This includes:

    • Arriving on time. 
    • Finding a replacement when you cannot be there (trade working days with another parent). 
    • Providing snack for the class on a rotating basis.
    • Cleaning up and making school ready for the next class. 
    • Staying at the end of school until all children have been picked up. 

  4. Attendance at monthly class parent meetings. One evening per month parents meet for two hours (without kids).  The teacher goes over classroom business for the first hour, and the 2nd hour is a discussion of age appropriate topics led by our Parent Educator. The person working in the classroom must attend the parent meetings. Other caregivers are also welcome. Parents volunteer to host meetings and provide snacks on a rotating basis. Two absences will result in a review by the Board of the member's eligibility in the preschool. If you are unable to attend your class meeting, you have the option to make it up by attending a parent meeting for one of the other classes.

  5. Sharing in the cooperative operation by holding and carrying out a Board or school job position for the school year.  A list of Co-op jobs is sent out with the orientation packet. There are lots of different options with varying levels of time commitment (examples: washing towels, school party coordinator, class photographer, librarian, field trip organizer, webmaster, etc.).

  6. Helping out with necessary maintenance projects and work parties.

  7. Participating in Co-op fundraising by providing volunteer time or financial support for the auction and themed fundraising drives. 
The board reserves the right to withdraw a child if a family is does not comply with these requirements.