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Auction CheckOut Payment


The Auction was a success this year because of people like YOU and YOUR support.  Thank you for helping us keep tuition low for all families!

If you owe money for auction donations or purchases, please pay with these directions:

  • Make a "donation" using our donation page in the amount that you owe.

  • Please note that your receipt will say that donations are tax deductible.  This is true for any amount greater than the "fair market value" of any items you bought at auction.  For example, if you won a $25 gift certificate but paid $35 for it, this $10 excess is tax deductible on your taxes.  Any straight donations, including "raise the paddle" are fully deductible.

  • YOU must keep track of the fair market value of whatever you won at auction and make a good faith effort if you don't know its exact value.  We are unable to offer this information in the future.

Auction documents:

  • Procurement Tips

  • Fundraising Note (11/2017)

  • Donation Form

Thanks for all your help!  We hope you had a great time supporting this great cause.  If you have any questions, please email the Treasurer at


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