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CHCP Safety Plan for COVID-19

As a parent-led cooperative preschool, CHCP maintains a strong and rigorous commitment to the

social, emotional, and physical well-being of our students, as well as the families within our

community and our teachers. CHCP’s COVID-19 Safety Plan will be updated to align with ongoing

legal and medical requirements, recommendations and best practices. The Plan consists of a non-

exhaustive list of health and safety protocols, approved by our Board, with the intention of

maintaining optimal safety levels as we navigate returning to school indoors and on our normal


To develop these protocols, the Health and Risk Manager and members of the CHCP Board reviewed

documents published by the Center for Disease Control (CDC), Washington State Department of

Health (DOH), and Public Health – Seattle and King County (‘Public Health’). Additionally, we

consulted the Organization of Parenting Education Programs (OPEP) checklist for reopening

preschools. From those recommendations, we created a list of protocols that our school will follow,

both before we open and while school is in session, to mitigate the risks of spreading COVID-19.

Teacher Responsibilities

CHCP teachers agree to the following:

  • Show proof of being fully vaccinated

  • Wear masks at all times and washing/sanitizing hands frequently and in between helping individual students.

  • Ongoing self-monitoring of symptoms (temperature checks daily); completion of a daily health check.

  • Encourage social distancing as much as possible amongst children.

  • Adhere to the values of CHCP’s community of care and doing everything reasonably possible to mitigate their own risk.

Family Responsibilities and Maintaining a Community of Care

In working to provide high-quality early learning, CHCP emphasizes a value of care for each other

and our community. The success of in-person learning depends on everyone holding that value

steady as individuals make choices that could impact others. We strongly encourage each family to

take responsibility for the care of the community. This includes but is not limited to staying apprised

of the local and national health and safety guidelines and adhering to those guidelines to the fullest

extent possible. Current guidelines from Public Health include vaccination for those age or older,

wearing masks while in indoor public spaces, washing hands frequently, maintaining six feet of

social distance between yourself and others, and limiting the quantity of in-person gatherings. We

trust that families can help keep our school safe and operating by mitigating the risk of contracting

COVID-19 outside of school interactions. We also encourage annual flu shots.

To participate in CHCP during the 2022-2023 school year, families must agree to the following: 

All adults working in the CHCP classroom must be fully vaccinated or provide a religious or

medical exemption.


  • Ongoing monitoring of COVID-19 symptoms for their child and all individuals in their household. 

  • Staying home when you, your child, or someone in your household is sick. 

  • Taking your child’s temperature before drop-off and allowing a temperature check at sign- in. No child or working adult will be admitted to school with a temperature above 100ºF or showing any other COVID-19 related symptoms. 

  • Answering COVID-19 screening questions before signing-in your child (and, yourself if you are working in the classroom).

  • Sending your child to school in a mask with a back-up mask in their backpack (teachers will provide mask breaks on socially distanced mats as needed).

  • Caregivers must wear masks during drop off, pick up and while working in the classroom.

  • Children and working adults will sign-in child and self on a mobile device using a QR code.

  • Sign and adhere to all other protocols listed in the CHCP Member Agreement.

Community Guidance Around Monitoring Symptoms

We expect all families to practice ongoing monitoring of symptoms. 

  • If you, your child, or someone in your household is experiencing symptoms and suspect you may have contracted COVID-19, stay home; we also HIGHLY recommend contacting your doctor and/or obtaining a COVID-19 test. 

  • In order for CHCP to remain open we must maintain an Illness Log of all reported symptoms COVID-19 related or not. You will need to email to notify the school if your child will be staying home sick and we will contact you to record the symptoms.


Reducing Stigma

High levels of transparency help create a cohesive community and help us all stay safe. To that end, no one in our community will be stigmatized for reporting symptoms. We all must commit to reporting any COVID-19 symptoms to CHCP and to Public Health in order for the community to stay healthy.

For more information specific to our safety plan for Covid-19,  and how we are keeping our kids and community safe, please contact our Health & Risk Manager at

Stay Safe & Healthy!

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